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Market Differentiation

It essentially means “Why should the customer buy from you out of the thousand others selling the same thing or services as you?”

How you can make your business more desirable than your competitors?  You need to identify your company leading edge and stand out from the rest of the pact.

Market Research is key to knowing who are your target customers and your company positioning. There are many effective tools available to provide data online behaviour and activity of webpage users.

By performing keyword research, we can help you to separate research keywords and buying keywords.

Research Keywords are search terms used by internet user looking for information only. Usually such keywords are generic and broad.

Buying Keywords are search terms used by internet user ready with their credit card to make that online purchase. Usually such keywords are specific, well defined and exact.

We can help you to :

  • identify your target customers
  • determine your company’s positioning
  • craft a niche that your company should monetize from

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