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July 2011

  • Recommended WordPress Plugins

    Mon 18th

    Alphabetical order auto-sorting: Category finder: Google Analytic Plugins: Automatically formats your website to mobile theme:

March 2011

  • My Shift Key Is Not Working

    Tue 8th

    Have you ever encounter – suddenly your laptop [SHIFT] key doesn’t work anymore! It’s so frustrating especially when you’re in the midst of preparing an important document or you could be replying to a business enquiry. You wouldn’t want your email to be all in small caps or big caps (caps lock is working, though). […]

October 2010

  • WP 3.0.1 Visual Editor Problem

    Wed 27th

    Is your Wordpress 3.0.1 Visual Editor missing? Apparently, the wp-confg.php is missing 1 line of codes…

September 2010

  • How to Remove Search Conduit in Firefox

    Fri 24th

    Recently, I installed DVDVideoSoft and had accidently allowed it to install the Search Conduit. I had no idea that it would change the look of my search display so drastically. Frankly speaking, it’s quite alloying. Plus, the fact that it inaccurately shows the paid or sponsored search – which I do have to monitor quite […]